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Is running the business you love
creating more challenges than it should?
Get Help Setting Up the Operating System for Your Business 

About GrowthOS

Our exclusive Operating System is called GrowthOS and we leverage the best (published) tools and frameworks available today for operating your business in each of 9 different Domains.

We structure them to work together, so you get the benefits of the best business thinking in one cohesive operating system:

  • Alignment to your vision

  • Accelerated results

  • A healthy company & people

The Noble Foundry helps you and your leadership team install GrowthOS in your company.

Why an Operating System?
Business is Challenging

62% of business leaders feel more stress than expected

The Cost
is High

Employee disengagement costs $100,000 / year for every 10 employees

(based on $60,000 average annual salary)

You Love
Your Business

70% of business owners say it's the best job they've ever had.

(we hope it's the same for you)

This all means you end up tolerating the exhausting operations

of a business you love, even though it feels out of control.

To go to the next level, you need an Operating System

Our Approach

We like a simple process for deciding whether we're a fit for each other. 

About Us

Rich Theil, CEO

We believe the strength of a company lives in its people and we love helping leaders build organizations that maximize that strength. We leverage 20 years of organization-building experience to achieve amazing results.

  • 7 years at P&G

  • 12 years as CIO of an organization with 400+ employees

  • 10 consecutive years with +43% annual staffing growth

  • 8 consecutive years of 100% annual financial investment increases

  • 5+ years on leadership teams

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