Build a regular pipeline of new ideas
for your product team
Regular flow of new ideas
More successful product ideas
Less wasted time and money
We help Product leaders fix broken innovation pipelines and
underperforming teams by building the team's proven idea engine
True Product Ownership
Move from feature factory to true product teams and product leadership
Smarter Investments
Test and prove the best ideas before you build them
Customer Orientation
Shift your entire team's mindset to customer-first
"When the Product Owner is resistant to the process, it can make the project more difficult...While it may feel risky to be open and vulnerable, the payoff is worth the risk"
"The focus was all very positive, but constructive at the same time. We were all building each other up and encouraging one another while getting clear on how we can 'crush it' better in our business"
"If we worked like this, we would get so much more done."

Your Steps to Better Product Ideas

Customer Conversations
Leadership Positioning
  • Capture the right data
  • Have regular customer conversations
  • Build the internal processes for synthesizing ideas
  • Refine problems for your business
  • Learn how to test ideas and prove whether they'll work
  • Mitigate the most important risks
  • Learn to help leadership see what you see
  • Craft a message that resonates with leaders
  • Get the support you need to move forward
What's Different?
Agile promises better products, but most product people were thrown into a 2-day course and then declared to be a Product leader.
They learned a lot about leading an Agile team, but they didn't learn anything about how to lead a product.
And because the Agile transformation was led by IT, it remains focused on getting the process right.
Becoming a true product team requires
  • Having a customer mindset instead of a process focus
  • Developing a problem-orientation instead of jumping straight to solutions
  • Having the courage to think differently than most Agile teams

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