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Improve underperforming Agile teams while uniting the business & technology
More respect for IT
Build better products, faster
Happier, healthier teams
We help Agile leaders fix broken relationships with Product Owners and their functional leaders.
True Product Ownership
Move from feature factory to true product teams and product ownership
One Team, One Mission
Eliminate barriers so that tech and the business function as one team
Drive Transparency
Be radically transparent with your work to transform your relationships
"When the Product Owner is resistant to the process, it can make the project more difficult...While it may feel risky to be open and vulnerable, the payoff is worth the risk"
"The focus was all very positive, but constructive at the same time. We were all building each other up and encouraging one another while getting clear on how we can 'crush it' better in our business"
"If we worked like this, we would get so much more done."

Your Steps to a Higher Performing Team

Create a
Custom Plan
Execute &
Maximize Your Agile Transformation
  • Assess your current team, business relationship and Product Owner(s)
  • Develop a custom plan
  • Training for your Product Owner
  • Training for you and your business peers
  • Coaching
  • Focus on real business problems
  • Work on the same team
  • Learn and adjust
What's Different?
Agile promises better relationships with the business and you probably led the Product Owner down this path:
  1. Take the 2-day course
  2. Get a team
  3. Maximize velocity (or some other metric related to process)
This does nothing to change the relationship between the business and IT.
Changing your relationship requires
  • Customer focus, not process focus
  • Radical transparency with the business
  • Teams that solve problems, not necessarily deliver code